The Anxiety Relief Handbook

Welcome to the ultimate essential resource book, for anyone experiencing anxiety. 

Are you struggling with symptoms of anxiety on and off, or has it been with you for a longer period? Are you sick of being tense and constantly on guard for whatever may happen? Are you ready to let it go but don’t know how?

With this Anxiety Relief Handbook, an amazingly diverse range of anxiety relief applications will be literally at your service, for you to use them instantly. 

Techniques that have been tried and tested by passionate and experienced, qualified complementary and allied health professionals from many different fields and delivered in a simple step-by-step manner, so you too can ’try them on’ at home, in your own time and get immediate results.

Time to experience calm with an effective relief from anxiety.

The Anxiety Relief Handbook

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About the author

With an abundantly diverse therapeutic background, Gamze Cassandra Evren, integrates her extensive experience in Systemic Family Constellations with Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Neuro-Trance Psychotherapy and ancient wisdom of Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, for helping women to achieve empowering results.

Her unique coaching has been leading her clients in 4 continents, to a successful release at all subconscious, conscious, karmic, energetic and systemic levels…

With over 2 decades of experience in various modalities, Gamze designed a comprehensive system for those experiencing anxiety, called “The Ultimate Anxiety Relief System”. With the help of this powerful system, her clients are not only freed from their problems for good, but they were also able to fully end the systemic cycle of passing the anxiety down to their own children. It is the ultimate WIN-WIN for both her clients and their generations to come.

When she was asked to become a contributing author of "The Anxiety Relief Handbook”, having those who had no access to therapy, in mind, she was excited to have the opportunity to share her knowledge with the world at large. Gamze wrote the “Family Constellation Chapter” in "The Anxiety Relief Handbook”, which is full of calm and effective anxiety relief tools from a wide array of modalities.

She taught her successful "R-E-L-E-A-S-E Protocol” in the International Systemic Constellation Conference and received excellent feedback from seasoned professionals, beginners and students of systemic work.  With this book, now the chance to experience this protocol is yours!

Gamze founded INNER CIRCLE HEALING, in Sydney’s inner west, Concord, where she offers in-person / online sessions and programs as well as online group sessions on Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Infertility, Problematic Relationships and Self-Worth problems.

Her tailor made programs are designed to transform each individual and clear their paths from all kinds of obstacles, in as little as 8 weeks.

Gamze is an international speaker.