The Anxiety Relief Handbook


Do you find that it's impossible to stop worrying, as if something terrible is about to happen? Are you constantly on edge? Having trouble relaxing? Can't sleep at night? Avoiding circumstances? Unable to cope?


Wondering why you are still not falling pregnant? Frustrated of waiting passively, doing expectant management? Don't want to waste any more of your precious time? Sick of being in limbo? Want to increase your chances of conceving?


You know you're better off without smoking, yet you can't seem to find the strength, motivation or determination to quit? What if there would be a way to make it super easy for you? If you are ready to commit and quit!


You remember vaguely thinking about that sweet, but can't really tell the time you put it in your mouth? You feel as if your life depends on having it? You work hard and deserve a small reward? Without sweets, there is no meaning to life? You always skip breakfast, snack at lunch and your only good meal is dinner? Can't stop snacking after dinner?


Feel like you've been carrying world's burdens on your shoulders? You feel that it's pointless trying to achieve more, because something will happen to stop you in your track, as always? Life is simply not easy for you, unlike others? You have to fight your way to have things done, but then you fall back again. You keep asking, why me?


Relationships...not your thing? Having hard time having / maintaining intimate relationships? Carrying a lot of anger, sadness, guilt, shame in your baggage? Resentment, trauma...Can't have a conversation without tearing up? Or perhaps zero emotions and numbness? Never been close with your mom? Can't bond with your children? Want a way out?

Until now, most of us used to think for change, all we needed was our determination & will power.

It's now known that will power doesn't last long and not the kind of reliable source in the first place, that would make the ultimate change we want in our life. Rather, change must come from our unconscious, with the co-operation of our conscious mind through cleverly designed ultimate suggestions via Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Your current situation in life is just a sign of what you've been repeatedly doing up till now.

Some of those are about you. They are direct results of your own life experiences and your life choices, such as limiting beliefs, traumas, phobias, self-esteem/relationship/health/wealth problems, life blocks and so on. These can easily be changed through Advanced Neuro Trance Psychotherapy .

Yet others have actually nothing to do with you. They are merely results of trans-generational traumas you've inherited without knowing -  they are systemic.  They can not be solved by changing yourself, they must be dealt accordingly within family systems through Systemic Family Constellations. These patterns will be released for good.

What is a Personal Issue ?

Almost all of us have gone through some deeply emotional experiences in different levels, mostly during our early childhood years, which affected our current state. 

Conventional therapy will release those. To become lighter in burden and stronger in personality always pays off. It takes time, as many have experienced.

Advanced Neuro Trance Psychotherapy works directly in the sub-conscious plane where most clients have results in a few sessions, sometimes one. This is how it works.

When ready and committed to change, an Advanced Neuro-Trance Psychotherapy Session, tailor made to your needs, may save you valuable time & money. 

There is no better way to meet & get in touch with your own inner resources to become empowered for a life-time.

What is a Systemic Issue ?

Feels like you're running in circles, living the same scenario over and over? Perhaps you have already tried all, medicine, CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, healing and so on. The problem still remains. 

After all those years of effort, you might be losing belief in yourself and perhaps moving you to a depressed state.  It is not about you.

Even though, you live it's effects in your current life, perhaps you are not the cause of it in the first place. How can you change it if it is not about you? 

A brief look into your systemic dynamics via Systemic Family Constellations Session reveals the original cause in a unique way, embedded in your history, before you. Drops your unwanted inheritance not only for you but also for your generations to come. It is a pure blessing.

Dr Bruce Kopley

“AAHA Learning”

“…I just had my first experience of Systemic Family Constellations with Cassandra gently leading me into the core of my issue with ease and clarity & I must say that I’ve been woved by the power of it. 

How amazing it actually is when one enters a dimension that is outside of our cognitive rational mind approach where on an invisible level, you are accessing energies, thoughts & emotions that just can’t be language on some level but that it’ll allow you to see the dots and more importantly to connect the dots in the bigger picture. 

So, I would encourage anyone, especially if they hit the brick wall with trying the conventional method of rationalizing and trying to get the solution in a conventional way, to try this!... ”

Katrina Kavvalos

Celebrity Interviewer

No words can explain how incredibly amazing and talented this lady is. I connected with her through a recommendation of a friend... After the first session, I knew Gamze Cassandra would help change my life!! She is incredible!! 

I am still seeing her for more consultations, and can not recommend her enough for anyone who needs answers, and wants to find the root cause of their limiting beliefs, habits and blockages, and help in finding what their true path/passion is. 

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Gamze. 

Thank you Gamze!! It is a pleasure knowing you, and having you help me on my journey :-)))


I had the pleasure of having consultation from Gamze Cassandra Evren. My experience with her was very enlightening. She truly personalised the session to meet the needs of my negative energy. 

Gamze, thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve. Your intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. I began to feel distinctly better and also started to believe in better. 

I would recommend Gamze to anyone wanting help in any area of their life whether that be health, family, career, finances or any issues relating to self. 

Mr Onder Gok

I was so hyped up coming here, now I feel very centered and relaxed.

Everything Cassandra said, hit the mark and filled the gap. All the good stuff.. And I was like, yes, I want that & I needed that for so long... is so relaxing, almost feels like an internal massage for my brain. 

I feel renewed, energized and looking forward to what future may bring.

Miss Melanie P.

I had a Systemic Family Constellations session with Cassandra. I didn't know what to expect but trusted her integrity, patience, sincerity and found out that she has highly experienced skills..

...I had very vivid shifts in letting go of numerous  family & relationship issues that have hindered my personal growth  and happiness.  I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted.. Ive never had so much clarity with a  therapist in just one session... 

I  feel stronger and less burdened with family & past relationship... I highly recommend a session with her. 

Miss Sally B.


When you have something like Systemic Family Constellations done, there is a certain amount of trust and comfort that needs to be present between the client and facilitator.  Gamze was just that.  

She made me feel so relaxed and at ease.  I had such a healing experience through my session with her.  I not only healed myself but my family. 

Gamze was professional yet warm. I highly recommend her services, and her ability to connect with me on such a profound and deep level.

NANCY ASSAD Business Support at Jeanine Sciacca International


With an abundantly diverse therapeutic background, Gamze Cassandra Evren, integrates her extensive experience in Family Constellations with Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Neuro-Trance Psychotherapy, and ancient wisdom of Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, for helping women to achieve empowering results.

With over 2 decades of experience, in addition to her usual sessions and tailor made-mini programs designed to empower each individual, clearing their paths from any obstacles, help them achieve lasting results, Gamze now proudly offers a complete transformation, in as little as 8 weeks, through her unique integrated therapy of “Inner Circle Healing”, the most comprehensive and effective program ever existed.

Her coaching on Anxiety, Infertility, Smoking, Cravings, Self-Sabotage and Relationship Problems offer great success at subconscious or conscious levels, as well as in energetic and systemic levels.

As a result, not only her clients are freed from these problems for good, but they also can fully end the systemic cycle of passing them down to their own children. It is the ultimate WIN-WIN for both her clients and their generations to come.

Gamze is author of The Anxiety Relief Handbook: Calm & effective anxiety relief tools from Complimentary and Allied health professionals.



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